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RWTH Aachen

Model Versioning Approaches: State of the Art Features, Issues and Challenges

For almost four decades, Version Control Systems (VCSs) are an indispensable part of the infrastructure necessary for an effective software development process. VCSs mainly target three different aims. First, they enable users to keep historical versions of their files and directories under development and to retrieve past versions. Therefore, they store version information for every file in a collection, so-called repository. Second, VCSs support mainly asynchronous collaboration between users, and third, they manage different development branches (e.g., different releases of a software product). Hence, merging techniques for parallel-evolved versions or branches are indispensable for VCSs. The objectives of the talk are first to give a comprehensive overview of the state of the art features of VCSs with a focus on collaboration aspects. Second, the issues of current VCSs for model artifacts are discussed, and third, the urgent challenges are stated, which have to be considered in future model versioning systems for realizing model-driven engineering in practice. The talk concludes with an outline of the PhD work of the presenter and an overview of the AMOR (Adaptable Model Versioning) project, which focuses on various versioning challenges.