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RWTH Aachen

Secured Service-Oriented Cloud Computing

Service-Oriented Cloud Computing is the new rage in the ICT world. For end consumers, the likes of Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and Amazon are increasingly focussing on ‘Cloud-based Services’ while on the enterprise side, specialists like Salesforce and Netsuite are increasingly moving to ‘Cloud-based integrated suites’. In October 2008 (2008b), IDC forecast that by 2012, there would a $ 42 billion global market in ‘Cloud-based Services’, a more than three-fold growth. The topic has so much currency that even the Economist, the world’s premier business, politics and economics weekly, put ‘The battle over cloud computing’ as the cover of its October 17th 2009 issue, making it the first time a Computer Science and ICT topic (and some would say, ‘research topic’) has received this level of prime- time, global exposure. The Service-Oriented Cloud Computing picture in the European sphere is somewhat different. European ICT has till now been more focussed on ‘Grid Computing’ than Clouds. The majority of European ICT Industrials have focussed on ‘Grid-enabling’ businesses and ‘Grid-based’ infrastructure management. European ICT research funding has also been focussed on ‘infrastructures and grids’.

Increasingly however, there is a growing recognition that ‘Service- Oriented Cloud Computing’ is the new paradigm and the logical evolutionary step from Grid Computing. Companies, European Collaborative Projects and individual experts now mention Grid and Clouds in the same sentence, almost as if they were interchangeable and one complements or even completes the other. But, what exactly is ‘Service-Oriented Cloud Computing’? Are Grids and Clouds really interchangeable and / or complimentary ? How does ‘Service-Oriented Cloud Computing’ benefit the end consumer, businesses, developers and independent software vendors (ISVs) and the like? What is the vision? What are the challenges? What does European ICT need to do next to catch-up with the leaders on the topic?

This talk starts with a view on the cloud-computing landscape as seen by a member of the European ICT industry who has been involved for some time in industry driven collaborative projects and initiatives with other European industrial heavy-weights. It outlines the speaker’s vision of ‘Secured Service-Oriented Cloud Computing’, and explains the individual concepts in the title. The speaker will focus on what the current state of the (industrial) art is the area, the challenges to overcome and the roadmap necessary to achieve excellence. The speaker will in particular discuss the opportunities for European ICT research and collaborative projects in the area.